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  • July Webinar 2024 - The Power of Facial Comparison

July Webinar 2024 - The Power of Facial Comparison

  • Fri, July 12, 2024
  • 10:00 - 12:00
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July 12 , 2024 10:00 CST

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the critical role facial comparison techniques hold within criminal investigations.  Participants are acquainted with a range of facial comparison software and methodologies, understanding their application in subject identification across cases.  Through interactive demonstrations and insightful case studies, participants examine the details of conducting facial comparisons, gaining an understanding of both successes and challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.  Emphasis is placed on ethical guidelines and best practices to ensure accuracy, fairness, and adherence to legal standards throughout the investigative process.   Moreover, the course encourages ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the evolving technology and further develop skills for future case work and courtroom testimony.  By fostering comprehensive knowledge, ethical awareness, and proficient training capabilities, the course empowers participants to employ facial comparison techniques, thus enhancing the effectiveness and integrity of criminal investigations.

Adam Kneitz, Erin Havelka

Erin Havelka and Adam Kneitz are seasoned crime analysts at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, known for their expertise in intelligence analysis and facial comparison. Erin's decade-long career is marked by her adeptness in visualizing criminal networks, aiding investigations targeting violent crimes, gangs, and narcotics, while Adam specializes in disseminating tactical intelligence and crafting comprehensive reports, assisting multiple agencies with critical cases like murder and robbery. Both are committed to knowledge sharing, with Erin establishing training programs and teaching facial comparison, and Adam training investigators and the public on various analytic processes and technologies. Their dedication significantly benefits the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the broader community.

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